Egg Facial Mask; Egg-cellent wonders

Spotless Skin Yet Ultimately Dry?
Want egg-cellently smooth & tight skin?
You’ve come to the right place.

Why waste pounds on moisturizer when you’ve got a perfectly good one in the fridge?
That’s right,  Just waltz up to your fridge and pull out an egg.

Many people tend to avoid eggs, especially when on a diet or when they have cholesterol problems
as they are high in saturated fats and cholesterol, but who said you had to eat them in order to achieve velvety skin?

A facial mask made from egg whites is amazing for oily skin

  The egg white draws the oils out, while the egg yolk moisturizes.

It will tighten and firm the skin and help shrink the pores.
The egg yolks contain vitamin A which is found in many acne products, such as accutane and retinol.

 What to do?

1.Separate the white and the yolk into two different bowls.
2.Using the whites first, apply it gently and evenly all over your face, and avoid the eye section.
Leave it on for approximately 10 minutes and the facial will begin to harden.
Rinse it off with cold or warm water and wait 5 minutes before proceeding with the next step.
3.Onto the yolk, which is a great moisturizer when you run out!
Also spread this evenly around your face.
You will know when it can be rinsed off when your face hardens and it is difficult to move your mouth.
Rinse and feel fresher than before!

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